Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carol's Creation

Dear friend and fellow church member Carol Childress(blog: Choose Joy) painted this beautiful mural in my son Caleb's room. I orginally didn't plan on the golfer resembling Caleb but as Carol painted it just kinda happened~ I love that it looks like him! Carol is a very talented painter and I enjoyed watching this boring drab wall become a beautiful work of art. I walked into the room to comment on her work and she said, "Grab a brush and help"....NOT!! Carol makes painting look so easy, but believe me I know better. I have no talent when it comes to art. Carol was explaining to me how she learned how to paint her trees from Bob Ross. I have to laugh at this, because I so love Bob Ross and would spend many a Saturday afternoons watching him paint his "happy little trees". My husband (Brian) would go crazy and never understood how I could watch him, but his voice was so calming and he was an amazing artist. I believe Bob Ross is now painting the most beautiful pictures in heaven and I think there's a spot reserved for Carol right next to him.

Thank you Carol for sharing your special talent with me and my family!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm a blogger!
I never imagined I would be saying that. I do not have any plans for my blog other than posting my thoughts from time2time and showing some of my stamp work. I am always amazed by others creativity and hope I may inspire others.

The Tilly Invitational is this weekend. We have made it an annual event to ship the kiddos off to grandma's, while we golf. I love my children dearly and could not imagine life without them, but also enjoy this one weekend of the summer where I can be irresponible and let loose. I believe we get lost in the wants and needs of our children and forget that it began with just the 2 of us. We have to book this weekend a year ahead of time, so in doing that it can end up being bad planning, which is the case this year. Caleb will be leaving Sunday afternoon for Kansas City with his youth group. As much as I wanted to cancel golf and spend the weekend with Caleb I also realize you can not cram all your love into one weekend. You have to live it and say it daily! We do that in the Tilstra house and so by doing that we know without a doubt that we are loved by each other more than anything! The kids will bond with their grandparents and my sister and her family and Brian and I will also get to bond and on Sunday when we gather again as a family we will have a renewed love for one another.
God is Good all the time, all the time God is Good!


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